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"if it isn't a wizzsticker, it isn't funny."
wizzstickers of the week:
"we're getting nasty in 'nati with wizzstickers! thanks for the cool decal."
--tim v., cincinnati, ohio

do you want to show everybody your wizzsticker? take a pic of you (or your kid or dog or whoever) posing with your wizzsticker and send the pic to g. wizzicker using the following form:
"my poop still stinks, but now I enjoy looking at it."
-- mark s., delaware, ohio

"michigan is easy to wipe with wizzstickers. p.s. . . . .
g. wizzicker is a cutie!"
-- kristen x., la-di-da-land, california

"i love my wizzsticker so much, i get very unhappy when my mommy tries to take me off the potty."
-- sophie s., solon, ohio
"our ohio state bathroom is now complete! thanks for the wizzstickers!"
-- jason z. and kid, delaware, oh