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g. wizzicker's shipping policy:
free shipping: it doesn't get any simpler than this: g. wizzicker ships all orders, of any size, for free via u.s. mail.

other shipping options: the buyer may elect usps priority shipping at checkout if the buyer desires a guaranteed 2- to 3-day delivery time.

all orders shipped within 24 hours: all orders for pre-printed wizzstickers purchased from g. wizzicker's will be shipped to the purchaser within 24 hours, monday through friday, and maybe on a saturday if g. wizzicker isn't too busy. personalized wizzstickers take approximately 5 days to complete before shipping. any order that includes both pre-printed wizzstickers and personalized wizzstickers will not ship until the personalized wizzstickers are completed. if any difficulties arise in meeting these deadlines, g. wizzicker will contact the purchaser via e-mail to explain the delay.

packaging: all wizzstickers sold on g. wizzicker's will arrive in an envelope with an instruction sheet and will not be packaged in their retail packaging.

no tracking offerred: g. wizzicker's wizzstickers wants to get your stickers to the buyer at the best price and does not offer tracking on orders at this time.

"if it isn't a wizzsticker, it isn't funny."