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fully customized wizzstickers

STEP 1: choose your wizzsticker design (see designs below):

STEP 2: indicate the words you want on your wizzsticker (if you chose "no words" in STEP 1, leave blank):

STEP 3: choose the background color of your wizzsticker (if you chose a red and white target in STEP 1, choose "target"):

STEP 4: choose your font (see font examples below):

STEP 5: choose your font color:

STEP 6: choose your font outline color:

STEP 7: choose quantity to purchase (in multiples of 4):

special instructions:

I have not knowingly violated any trademarks

remember: if you chose to add your own cutout face to your design, you will be redirected to the upload page after your payment via paypal, where you will be able to upload a photograph from your computer and send it to us. you will also be provided a link to the upload page in the order summary emailed to you after payment.

available designs
available fonts
"if it isn't a wizzsticker, it isn't funny."
have you always wanted to make your own wizzsticker, with your own words and with faces from your own photos? thanks to g. wizzicker, now you can. fully customize your own wizzsticker! choose your own decal shape, your own words, your own font, your own font colors, and your own background color. plus, you can upload a photo of somebody's face, and g. wizzicker will digitally cut the face out of the photograph and put it on your fully customized wizzsticker. to fully customize your own wizzsticker, just fill in the form below. here are some details:

*fully customized wizzstickers are only
$4.99 each (the same as our standard wizzstickers!), plus a $5 flat fee no matter how many wizzstickers you purchase.
*fully customized wizzstickers must be purchased in multiples of four for each design.
*fully customized wizzstickers take approximately 5-7 days to complete before shipping.
*if your order contains both pre-printed wizzstickers and fully customized wizzstickers, your entire order will ship when the fully customized wizzstickers are completed.
*please do not use trademarked names on your wizzsticker. g. wizzicker respects others' trademarks.
*you can use as many letters or words as you want (within reason, of course), but keep in mind that the more letters you use, the smaller the font size will be, and the word or words may have to be split onto multiple lines. g. wizzicker reserves the right to position and size your word or words as he best sees fit.
*add a face: if you choose to add a face to your wizzsticker, you will upload your photograph on the thank-you page you are redirected to after your paypal payment. if you forget to upload your photo after your paypal payment, you will also receive a link to upload your photo in your order summary emailed to you after payment. if you've already placed your order but forgot to upload your photograph, you can upload it here.
*at this time, g. wizzicker cannot send a proof of your wizzsticker before shipping.